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Online Business Mentor + Audience Journey Consultant

I work with coaches and other online program creators to help them find clarity, strategise and plan, and improve the customer journey and experience through their website, email campaigns, launches, courses and memberships.

🌟 Strategy sessions (online business, tech + automation)
🌟 Website/customer journey/funnel audit + uplevel
🌟 Launch mapping and tech support

If you’re looking for someone to work side by side with you on your business – someone who cares about your success – let’s talk.

You can book a call below, or scroll down to see how you can work with me this year…

I work with coaches & other online program creators

… who are building ethical, inclusive businesses that grow and support their audience + clients

If you want to grow, evolve or launch your online program or membership this year, and you’re looking to partner with someone to banish the overwhelm, create clarity, and join all the dots behind the scenes…

Someone to bounce ideas off, to be by your side on your business journey, someone to support you, be in your corner and truly care about the outcome…

We need to talk!

What I’ll bring to your business…

🌟 8 years’ experience working, learning and playing in the online business world, working primarily with coaches and other online program creators.

🌟 A richly varied background in website design, third sector and education, which has given me diverse skills and many different ways to look at things.

🌟 My creative and hyper-focused neurodivergent brain (I’ve been told I think differently, make connections others don’t, have a laser focus when it comes to clear thinking and strategising, and a genius for putting myself in the shoes of your audience/client/customer).

Social responsibilty + equity

Due to my own intersectionality as a queer, neurodivergent woman, and my own life experiences, I’m particularly interested in working with clients who are creating  programs, products and communities that serve and uplift women and marginalised people – those who might struggle against embedded patriarchal, heteronormative, binary and ableist social/political/class systems to build businesses, achieve economic success and get on an even footing with those less disadvantaged.

I owe my business’s first 6-figure year to Amy

‘I’d worked with Amy a lot in the past, and she’d been the behind-the-scenes powerhouse behind my biggest launches to date. When I decided that this year was all about systemising and scaling in my business. I knew that her strategic eye was what I needed to help me achieve that.

So I booked a strategy call with her to get the ball rolling in the right direction. It was SO good and in just two hours I had my entire launch mapped out, clarity on my prices, bonuses, strategy and ways to go the extra mile this time around.

Amy has a wonderful mix of grounded calm and clarity and also real ingenuity too, where she can think of the most genius ideas that are just right for your stage of business – a true coach, strategist, listener and collaborator! I owe my business’s first 6-figure year to her and there’s no way I’m letting her go!

You can’t not succeed with someone as valuable as Amy on your side. In an industry where it’s hard to know who to trust, Amy is the real deal and always delivers above and beyond. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!’

Florence Andrews
Success Mindset Coach

Let’s work together in 2023

3 ways I can support you to move your business forward this year…


🌟 Online Business Audit

🌟 Customer journey/funnel audit

🌟 Website audit*

*website design packages also available

STRATEGY sessions

🌟 Ideation + big picture

🌟 Strategy + planning

🌟 Details + finetuning

LAUNCH support

🌟 Launch mapping

🌟 Launch setup (the tech bit)

🌟 Project management

🌟 Switch to evergreen model

Bring on our next session!

‘Amy’s 2 hour strategy sessions have been a revelation!

I’ve worked with Amy for a quite a while and recently started having a regular 2 hour strategy session with her on all things business, tech and automation.

And it’s been bloody fantastic.

Amy is great at getting all my ideas out of my head (I have a lot!) and organising them into a plan we then execute together. She’s great at reading my energychallenging me on stuff I clearly don’t want to do – and then taking stuff off my plate so I stay in my zone of geniusI feel so much calmer after speaking to her and most importantly focused on exactly what I need to do next.

Bring on our next session!’

Nicola Payne
Career Coach

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