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Hi! I’m Amy. Online business mentor. Podcaster. Neurodivergent. Creative clarity from chaos.

I’ve been working with life, mindset and business coaches and other online business owners since 2015.

But what I discovered over the years is that what I’m really good at (and what I really love) is working 1-2-1 with my clients, on Zoom, having productive conversations about their businesses…

🌟 Helping them get all the stuff out of their heads and into a practical and logical plan, and turning their wild and brilliant ideas into tangible offerings.

🌟 Helping them pin down their vision and audience and map out (or polish) their audience/ customer/ client / launch journey

🌟 And helping them create a website that really encapsulates their values and ethos and speaks to their target audience

How I got here…

I’ve been working with life, mindset and business coaches and other online business owners since 2015. Before that, I taught English and media studies in high schools for 12 years. And before that, I trained as a web designer…

…so I have a unique mix of writing/editing skills, knowledge of learning and teaching, and techie knowhow, that means I can look at your projects from multiple angles.

Over the many years that I’ve worked in the online business space I’ve worked with everyone from clients just starting out and launching their first offerings, to well established coaches making huge income leaps. I’ve worked on 6-figure launches and seen businesses grow exponentially from the inside.

Online Business Mentorship + Consultancy

I started my self employed journey as a common-or-garden Virtual Assistant (VA), before quickly finding my people (mainly biz/mindset coaches – I’m a self development junkie, so it fits!) and establishing niches in techie stuff and content editing.

But my clients always said that I was ‘more than a VA’ – I’ve always worked with people, rather than for them, co-creating, figuring stuff out together and helping my clients make decisions and find solutions.

What I’ve discovered over the years is that what I really love is working 1-2-1 with my clients, on Zoom, having conversations about their businesses. Helping them to get all the stuff out of their heads and into a practical and logical plan they can easily follow. Talking through how to turn their ideas into tangible offerings. Discussing their offerings, strategy, pricing, and audience journey.

Many of my clients describe what I do as a kind of coaching; I am good at being a sounding-board and letting people talk through their ideas and examine the thoughts and mindset behind them.

I knew I had to do more of this work, and make more and better use of this skillset. So at the end of 2022, following a 9-month deep-dive, I was certified as an Online Business Consultant, consolidating everything I’ve learned and experienced and adding new tools to my toolkit.

Inclusion + Energy Work

The certification that I hold with the Lighthouse Business Academy is unique in both its inclusivity (centring neurodivergence, LGBTQIA+ and mental health) and its attention not just to ethical business strategy and development, but to equipping me with the tools to support your mental wellbeing as a business owner and help you release the energy blocks that can keep you from moving forward.

Options + solutions

“Amy is a very gifted individual. She can develop systems, project manage, research, design, market and strategically plan. She’ll bring you options and solutions – and come up with ideas you hadn’t even thought of! Do not underestimate the value of what she can bring to your business.”

Lindsay Cordery-Bruce
The Wallich

Thorough, creative + in your corner

“Amy is one of those rare jewels of people you meet in life. Thorough, creative and in your corner. Her skills are more vast than you would at first realise and for those wanting to grow an online business and engage your audience then look no further. She will get in the creative circle with you, and then implement it for you – big result all round. Can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Angela Durrant
Voice and Communication Coach
The Visible Club

An incredible eye for detail

“Amy is incredible. She has an eye for detail and has gone above and beyond for me and the team many times. After four years, it’s a joy to say how much I love working with her and long for it to continue as long as possible.”

Suzy Ashworth
Quantum Transformation + Embodiment Coach
Limitless You Ltd

My personal projects

I don’t only help other business owners with their projects – I enjoy creating my own, too.

The Squarepeg Podcast

I launched a podcast, Squarepeg, in October 2000, with the aim of giving other late-diagnosed autistic* women and nonbinary people a safe space in which to share their stories, and to hear frank and thoughtful conversations between autistic adults.

I quickly fell in love with this work, and I’ve learned so much about building an audience, gathering a community together and amplifying the voices of marginalised groups (as well as learning how to record, produce and publish a podcast!). And I was thrilled to be nominated for a Rising Star award in the British Podcast Awards in June 2022, which has helped the podcast to grow and reach a larger audience.

* I was diagnosed autistic in 2016, at the age of 37.

THRIVE workshops + self study course

I created the THRIVE workshops to serve the community that has grown up around the Squarepeg podcast.

The workshops are a journey of self discovery for late-diagnosed autistic women and nonbinary people around life, work, fulfilment and figuring out what they want, what they actually need as an autistic adult, and where to start in finding a new way of living and working post-DX. The first beta round ran in early 2022, with a second round in the early autumn.

THRIVE has now been developed into a self-study online program (with an option to work with me 1:1). You can find out more here.

Cardiff Women LGBTQIA+ group

Pre-pandemic I was the organiser of a local social group for queer women, which I launched in Cardiff in 2010 and ran successfully for 10 years, growing from 5 to almost 1000 members.

We celebrated our 10th anniversary* in October 2020, and in August 2020 I was honoured to be included on the Wales Pinc List, a list of Wales’ most influential LGBT+ people that honours their contributions, for my work running the group. (You’ll find me at number 26!)

* Well, in spirit – it was mid-pandemic, so no actual celebration was possible!

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